VVTV - Voluntary Voices TV (Tuesday)

What is FUTURE TV?

high res family watching tv 960What is a traditional cable or satellite TV channel other than a series of videos playing one after the other?

FUTURE TV does just this with YouTube videos. Whether you want to create a FUTURE TV channel from the latest videos from each of your favorite YouTubers to share with your friends and family or create something more akin to a traditional TV channel complete with commercials and news updates to compete with ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC, The Food Network, etc. , the possibilities are virtually endless. Best of all, your FUTURE TV channel programming doesn't start until the viewer begins watching your FUTURE TV channel. In other words, the first video in your FUTURE TV channel is the first video viewers will see.


It's much easier than you think and we'll walk you through it every set of the way. If you know how to watch YouTube videos, you can create your own FUTURE TV channel.

For most, once your FUTURE TV channel is set up, your work is done. Our technology will auto-update your FUTURE TV channel every day. For example, if you're pulling in the latest videos from YouTube channels or playlists, no further work will be required after the initial setup.


Many YouTubers are feeling the pinch from Google's AdSense revenue drops but with FUTURE TV you can insert commercials between videos and sell anything you like.

Link to up to 12 (6 above your channel and 6 below your channel) external places. Link to Patreon, PayPal, a T-Shirt you're selling, your website or anything else. All of these links will also appear underneath the TV Guide section in an optional section called: Support This Channel.

Get creative. Sell advertising on your FUTURE TV channel, promote your FUTURE TV channel on other FUTURE TV channels, make YouTube videos private so they can only be seen on your FUTURE TV channel and not on YouTube, sell programming slots (YouTube videos) on your FUTURE TV channel, etc.

The Power of FUTURE TV

Programming Schedule

Create a programming schedule for each day of the week complete with a TV Guide.

family watching tv

Multiple YouTube Sources

  • Channels
  • Playlists
  • Queries
  • Specific Videos

Multiple Styles

  • Intro
  • Popup
  • Horizontal
  • Verticle
  • Grid
  • Grid Lightbox
  • Video Background

Customizing the Player

Toggle properties of player such as Relative, Video quality, Next or Loop, YouTube branding, Annotation, Control, etc.

Video Properties

FUTURE TV supports almost any type or status of video. For example: Completed, Live, Upcomming, and 360 videos.

Fully Responsive

Your channel will work on every device and every screen size, mobile or desktop.

Custom Video Background - Create Popup

Replace your channel background with an image or color. The play button will be integrated into new background. In addition, you can make a popup window.

Make your own FUTURE TV Channel for FREE.

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